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Dark high school bully romances.

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I never meant to fall for my billionaire step-brother.


Keeping up a perfect good-girl image is hard for Allie Hall, especially when her step-brother is the notorious Jace Harbor. With her head always buried in her books and the haunting memories of her father’s death, she wants nothing more than to end senior year on a high note, so she can get out of her shitty town.


Swimming in money, women, and high school football stardom, Jace Harbor can’t wait for graduation. He’s tired of the liars, cheaters, and football groupies at Redwood Academy. When  his father forces him to spend a week alone with Allie, he remembers that part of Redwood that isn’t all that bad, the part that he fell in love with before their parents married.


Can Jace Harbor redeem himself after what he did to Allie? Will Allie stupidly fall in love again with the guy who broke her heart? Will Allie and Jace find love or is their little fling just that--a meaningless hookup to help them forget about Redwood?



Talking to a sexy stranger online is harmless, until you find out that he goes to your high school.


Bogged down with studying for exams, strict curfews, and overprotective parents who expect her to reign at the top of Redwood Academy’s senior class, Imani Abara just wanted to have some fun. But this isn’t what she expects when she logs into an online chatroom. 


Corrupt. Cruel. Callous.


Poison is everything wrong with Redwood Academy. They have no problem burning Redwood Academy to ashes, exposing the wealthy for the snakes they truly are, and blackmailing an innocent girl that they met online.


If anyone finds out what Imani has done, her good girl reputation will be tarnished.


Too bad this town was going to shit anyway.


Will Imani be able to keep these bad boys at bay? Or will they suck her into their blood-stained, havoc-filled world?

Poison_1 copy.jpg


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The rich bad boy found out that I write smut!

When the popular skateboarding punk at my high school discovers that I write dirty romance books, he promises to tell the entire school and ruin my life if I don’t do everything he wants of me. Desperate to make it through the rest of senior year unseen, I reluctantly go along with it.

I skip class to meet him in the back hallways and show up at the skatepark to satisfy his every last need. I tell myself that I’m only doing this because of the blackmail he’s holding over me, but I can’t help the jealousy that boils inside me when he begins hanging out with the school slut.

Blaise Harleen might think that I’m his good girl, but he’s mine. All mine.


She’s a star student at her desk, but an even better one under mine.

Sakura Sato shows up to class early, completes all her homework, and has the best chance to make it out of this shitty town, if it isn't for me smacking a detention slip on her desk the morning of her eighteenth birthday.

It’s unprofessional, corrupt, cruel, but I don’t care. I’ve wanted her for too long.

And at Redwood Academy, rules are meant to bend. Teachers will turn a blind eye, if I make them. Students can be paid off with enough money. And Sakura, the innocent senior, will be mine.

No matter what it takes.



The Bad Boy
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