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Come Here Kitten

Come Here Kitten

He’s a man. He’s a monster. He’s my fated mate.

When the most feared alpha breaches my family's territory with a legion of warriors, declaring me as his mate, I vow to kill him. That beast has terrorized hundreds of wolves while looking for the Malavite Stone—a crystal packed with ungodly powers and healing properties—and I refuse to be another one of his victims.

Yet, his ultimatum hangs heavy in the air—leave with him or he'll annihilate my pack.

The torment I've endured under my mother's cruel rule drives me to the brink, and I can't bear to see my loved ones suffer the same fate. Reluctantly, I make the decision to go with him, unaware of the perilous journey that awaits, with a pack of ruthless rogues hot on our trail.

Will I survive in the hands of a monster?

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