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Excite Me

Excite Me

Forbidden desire, a secret love, and an impossible choice that could cost me everything...

Keeping my relationship with my best friend’s father hidden is becoming harder every day. If my best friend ever discovers our dirty little secret, I could lose not only our cherished friendship but also the only man who's made me feel truly alive.

With the weight of a sick mother's care and the burden of mounting student loan debt, I'd grown accustomed to dating men who never saw me for who I truly am, or who left me unsatisfied in every way. Then, Michael Bryne, my best friend's father, offered me an escape—an irresistible proposition I couldn't resist.

What began as a simple hook-up ignited into a blazing love affair. But the price of secrecy is steep, and I'm faced with an impossible choice: risk losing everything I've ever known—my safety-net boyfriend, my cherished friendship, and my own sanity—or surrender the chance at a love that has awakened my soul.

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