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My Werewolf Professor

My Werewolf Professor

She made me break every one of my principles.

I have never been tempted to break all my rules until I met Bria Benton, my student and my fated mate. The odds are stacked against us—she's half my age and a human who has no idea about the hidden world of werewolves.

With the ominous threat of war looming over my pack and threatening messages from The Council, I know I should stay away from her to shield her from the dangerous life I lead.

But Bria is determined to sit in the front row of every one of my classes, clad in short skirts and doe eyes that drew me in with a silent invitation.

When she walks into my office on the night of the full moon, my primal instincts take command. Can I control myself, or will I plunge Bria into the violent and ruthless world as an alpha’s mate?

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