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My three bullies will blackmail me into anything.

When I logged into that chatroom, all I was looking for was an escape from the pressures of exams, strict parents, and high expectations.

Little did I know that my desire for fun would plunge me into a dangerous game, one orchestrated by a group of corrupt, cruel, and callous students who revel in chaos and thrive on blackmail.

Redwood’s most feared gang: Poison.

They are hell-bent on burning this world of privilege to the ground, and they've set their sights on an innocent girl they met online—me.

If anyone discovers the truth, my good girl reputation will crumble, but in a town that's already lost its way, perhaps my descent into this blood-stained, havoc-filled world is inevitable.

Can I outsmart the bad boys of Poison, or will they leave me no choice but to embrace their chaos?

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