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Science Project

Science Project

Love, Lust, and Lethal Experiments

Akio, the nerdy anime-lover in my science class, is hiding a secret. His parents are the notorious mob leaders in town, and while he seems like the perfect student with a shy smile, his hands have been soaked in more blood than mine have.

But Akio isn’t the only Redwood student with a secret.

My father, the police chief, runs an illegal sex ring, and I’m in the center of it.

I’ve been used and abused for years. I don’t know what love is.

Yet while I have sworn off ever falling for anyone at Redwood Academy, the more Akio and I work on our science project, the more I like that dorky kid. But Akio can never find out my secret. I need to make sure of it.

Except my abusers have been washing up on the shore of Redwood Academy, and I fear that Akio has something to do with it.

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