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The Twins

The Twins

The twin alphas will do anything to claim every inch of my body.

Since I broke up with my last boyfriend, I yearned for the touch of a man…

A yearning that’s remained unfulfilled for years now.

Little did I know that when the Shadowcrown Pack enlisted my skills to strengthen their weakest wolves, I'd cross paths with the notorious twin alphas, Jax and Noah.

Not one man, but two alphas who not only claim that I’m their second chance mate, but cannot keep their hands off me.

As the line between professionalism and passion blurs, I find myself ensnared in their powerful grasps. They'll stop at nothing to claim every inch of my body, leaving me to wonder if I can withstand the relentless pursuit of these irresistible alphas, even when their first mate shows up on their property and wants them back.

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